Universidad del Cine is today a prestigious point of encounter for youths with audiovisual vocation and, therefore, the possibility of real existence of an institutional space for their dreams. It is the answer to a challenge of a different time and a certain step toward a possible and different world.  Founded in 1991, recognized as such by the Minister of Culture and Education of the Republic of Argentina, has enormously grown in its fifteen years of existence and currently counts on five buildings located in San Telmo, the historical quarter of Buenos Aires.

Since its creation, Universidad del Cine proposed to itself three ambitious goals: to generate a space of creation which could make the appearance and realization of new projects easier; to give hierarchy to cinematographic education, inserting it in the framework of an integral and humanistic education; and become a production center to deepen its educational action and make it possible for its students to enter the professional field.

Fifteen years later, the artistic activities developed in the Universidad del Cine have been remarkable: 700 short films both in 16mm and 35mm, 4 long feature films MOEBIUS, MALA ÉPOCA, SÓLO POR HOY and MERCANO EL MARCIANO, theatrically released with important repercussion both of the public and worldwide critics, as well as more than 1500 short films in video. To these achievements we can add the successful productions fulfilled by graduate students with the support of the University, some of them have traveled over the world as examples of the prestigious New Argentinean Cinema.

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