24-30 November 2006, Von Krahl Theatre

And there will be a number of special programmes, too!
The most exclusive from them “The Old and The Dignified: Early Works of Italian Masters”, which will explain what was going through the heads of Messrs Antonioni, Pasolini and Bellocchio at the beginning of their careers. Adding spice to Sleepwalkers is the Argentinian Universidad del Cine special programme, while the Hamburg Short Film Festival programme brings us experimental freshness. In its Antenna programme, the British Council will present a whole bunch of lively British music videos. This year’s Sleepwalkers’ Film School will host the masterclass by one of Finland’s most famous young directors, Aku Louhimies. A retrospective of his films will be screened at Cinema Sõprus.
As another surprise, we will show some of the latest Estonian music videos.

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