Aku LouhimiesAku Louhimies (b. 1968, Helsinki, Finland) made shorts and documentaries for Finnish television from the mid-1990s onwards. His first feature films Restless (Levottomat, 2000) and Lovers & Leavers (Kuutamolla, 2002) earned considerable success with audiences; his breakthrough came with the award-winning TV series Fragments (Irtiottoja, 2003). One of the 12 episodes from this experimental series, for which Aku Louhimies was voted Director of the Year by his Finnish colleagues in 2004, became the basis for the film Frozen City (Valkoinen kaupunki, 2006), entered for this year’s competition. Louhimies’ previous film Frozen Land (Paha maa, 2005) along with Lovers & Leavers, took away prizes from the festivals in Moscow, Göteborg, Athens, Lübeck, Bergen and Leeds. His latest feature Riisuttu mies will screen in the competition programme of Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival.
Aku Louhimies will hold an open interview about his works, which can be seen during the week at Cinema Sõprus. A master class for advanced film/media students and young film professionals will be held on December 1-3.

Open lecture
December 3rd 12:00-13:30  in Cinema Sõprus

Master Class  (for registered film and media students only)
December 1st-3rd  14:00-18:00 EMA Lavakunstikool, Toom Kooli 4

The lecture and master class will be held in English.

November 27th 22:00 in Cinema Sõprus


Finland  2000

Director: Aku LouhimiesThe Restless
Cast: Mikko Nousiainen, Laura Malmivaara, Petteri Summanen, Matleena Kuusniemi, Irina Björklund, Samuli Edelmann, Valtteri Roiha, Vilma Melasniemi, etc.
Script: Aleksi Bardy, Aku Louhimies
Cinematographer: Mac Ahlberg
Producer: Solar Films

Ari, 27, is an ambulance doctor working with the City of Turku Fire Department. Outside of work his main hobbies are one night stands. He doesn’t want to meet any of them again because he is certain that commitment equals pain and he doesn’t want to hurt anybody. Superficially, everything is fine, until Ari realizes he is unable to feel anything at all.

Tiina meets Ari on the beach and they wind up in his apartment together. Without really intending to, they start dating each other, reaching the point where Tiina, falling in love, begins to look for commitment. She introduces Ari to her closest circle of friends: Ilona, Hanna-Riikka and their boyfriends, Stig and Riku. Knowing that it’s their last free summer before careers kick in, the sextet aims to spend the light, sunny months partying and having fun.

Ilona has been dating Stig since her teens - so long that their relationship has become more companiable than passionate. They are to marry soon and Ilona is making a last-ditch attempt to find some variety and thrills.

Hanna-Riikka, a Lutheran priest, challenges Ari to discuss what his behavior is doing to the group of friends. A connection forms between them on an intellectual level as Ari begins to find her philosophy fascinating. But Ari can’t help himself. Friendship turns to hatred and Ari gradually realizes that he has managed to hurt people who have cared for him.

It’s autumn: the friends try to patch up their differences. But at Stig’s and Ilona’s wedding fantasy ends and the truth emerges. And Ari realizes that finally he’s able to feel something...

The debut film won 3 Finnish national film-awards.

November 28th 22:00 in Cinema Sõprus


Finland  2002

Director: Aku LouhimiesLovers and Leavers
Cast: Minna Haapkylä, Peter Franzén, Laura Malmivaara, Anna-Leena Härkönen, Pirkko Saisio
Script: Katja Kallio, Aku Louhimies
Cinematographer: Heikki Färm
Producer: MRP Matila Röhr Productions Oy

Love goes deep, for sex just a few inches is deep enough. Iiris turns thirty this year. She spends her nights watching movies and her days dreaming of love larger than film. Her mother, an eccentric artist, and her friends keep telling her to change her life, strive for harmony or relax by means of sex. Yet Iiris is looking for nothing less than true romance: love goes deep, for sex just a few inches is deep enough. Her dreams appear to come true when she meets Marko, a film director who can raise life high above the mundane. But who, in the end, are right: the romanticists or the cynics? Is perfect happiness just an illusion, are relationships always laden with secrets and lies? Before finding the answer, four women – and a couple of men, too – are sent to the verge of a nervous breakdown. Lovers and Leavers is a film of modern-day Helsinki, relationships and the illusion of happiness.

November 29th 22:00 in Cinema Sõprus


Finland 2005

Director: Aku LouhimiesFrozen Land
Cast: Jasper Pääkkönen, Mikko Leppilampi, Petteri Summanen, Matleena Kuusiniemi, Mikko Kouki, Sulevi Peltola, Pekka Valkeejärvi, Samuli Edelmann, etc.
Script: Aku Louhimies, Jari Rantala, Paavo Westerberg
Cinematographer: Rauno Ronkainen
Producer: Solar Films
Distributor: Estinfilm

When a schoolteacher is sacked he projects his bad mood at his troubled teen son. He, in turn buys CD player from a pawnshop with counterfeit money. This causes chain-reaction that wreaks havoc on many lives, as everyone transfers their problems to the next victim.
“Frozen Land” has won 4 prizes at the Gotenburg Film Festival including the FIPRESCI Prize, Special Jury Prize at Moscow International Film Festival and 8 Finnish film awards including Best Film, Best Director, Best Script, etc.

November 30th 22:00 in Cinema Sõprus


Finland 2006

Director: Aku LouhimiesFrozen Land
Cast: Janne Virtanen, Susanna Anteroiden, Aada Hämes, Santu Nuutinen, Jari Pehkonen
Script: Mikko Kouki, Aku Louhimies, Paavo Westerberg
Cinematographer: Rauno Ronkainen
Producer: Solar Films
Distributor: Estinfilm

When Veli-Matti’s marriage to Hanna breaks down, he moves into a flat in the suburbs. But misfortune continues to plague him – he loses his job as a taxi-driver and the courts have banned him from having any contact with his three children. When his crazy neighbour starts pounding on Veli-Matti’s door every single day, complaining that his curtainless windows are disfiguring the entire housing estate, it becomes clear that all his accumulated despair and resentment will one day lead to something terrible. Frozen City is a raw chronicle of a battle which has no champions, unfolding in ice-encrusted Helsinki.

Frozen City has won three prizes at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and Best Director Award at Flanders International Film Festival.

Finland 2006

Will be screened in the competition programme of Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival.



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