1.-3. december, 2006


in Cinema Sõprus
Estonian Music Academy – Toom-Kooli 4
Von Krahl rehearsal room

As the student film festival itself, Sleepwalkers Film School will be organized seventh time in the history of Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, focusing on the practical teaching of film and media students, but also providing first glance into the film-making process for those, who have never seen the back-side of the cinema screen.

Three interview-like lectures will be held in cinema Sõprus about directing film, which are open to all people interested in film and video medium. How can a great idea be transformed into a good film? Which talents are needed and what’s the importance of learned skills and gained experience? How is the work divided between so many artists – script writers, cinematographers, production designers, directors, actors, editors, etc., so that the result will be a great chef-d’oeuvre, not a disastrous flop? Film professionals from Finland, Denmark, Canada and USA will answer these questions and provide a glance into their works and teaching.

For those, who have already gained some knowledge and education in film and media production, master classes will be organized on two different levels and topics. Director and film professor Boris Frumin and director of photography Andreas Fischer-Hansen, both currently teaching at Baltic Film and Media School, will guide undergraduate students through the very beginning of film-making, whereas Finnish director Aku Louhimies will work with advanced acting and film students on how to act in films and how to bring actors expressing the wishful.

Screenings of Aku Louhimies films are part of the film school and it is highly recommended people participating at his open interview to have seen some of his films. The programme begins with his first feature The Restless (Levottomat, 2000) and goes through all his full-length works. The newest film Man Exposed (Riisuttu mies, 2006) will be screened in the competition programme of Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival.

prg. mart kalmo