24-30 November 2006, Von Krahl Theatre

Sleepwalkers is Estonia’s only professional short film festival and this year we celebrate our 7th anniversary. In the far-reaching world of PÖFF, Sleepwalkers has carved out a niche for itself by transporting to Estonia fresh new filmic solutions which, like young hatchlings, which flaunt their  youthful zest for life. Over the years, the festival has become a popular meeting place for future directors from all over the world and Estonia plays host to some of the wildest, most daring ideas in film.

This year saw a record number of entries to the international Sleepwalkers competition programme - 297 films from Hong Kong to Tampere. From among them, we chose the best, the most interesting - and the most insane. The tally is: 62 shorts, documentaries and animated films. Five members of the jury. One big Grand Prix and three special prizes. The filmmakers. And there will be a number of special programmes, too!

The most exclusive from them “The Old and The Dignified: Early Works of Italian Masters”, which will explain what was going through the heads of Messrs Antonioni, Pasolini and Bellocchio at the beginning of their careers. Adding spice to Sleepwalkers is the Argentinian Universidad del Cine special programme, while the Hamburg Short Film Festival programme brings us experimental freshness. In its Antenna programme, the British Council will present a whole bunch of lively British music videos. This year’s Sleepwalkers’ Film School will host the masterclass by one of Finland’s most famous young directors, Aku Louhimies. A retrospective of his films will be screened at Cinema Sőprus.

A couple of traits are completely new. As short films are not a students-only territory, a competitition programme of Estonian short films has been assembled, featuring the works of local young filmmakers. As another surprise, we will show some of the latest Estonian music videos. The third important thing is that the festival has its own home in the Old Town of Tallinn, in Von Krahl Theatre.
Once you’re at the Krahl, you’ll be in the thick of the music. The lavish film programme is now complemented by a nice array of concerts and dance parties where local musicians will rock out alongside DJs and VJs…

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