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Japan 2006 / 85 min

: Torico, Op/DoP: Hikaro Yasuda, Mont/Ed: Hiroki Yamaguchi, Os/Cast: Brianna Brown, Joshua Desroches, Johanna Black, Greg Travis, Tootja/Prod: Lux Digital Pictures/The Horrorworks (Jeff Broadstreet), Maailma müük/World Sales: Gold View Co., Ltd., Keel/Language: jaapani / Japanese, Subt: inglise, eesti / English, Estonian

You will be enable to get out of this perplexing game that puts your life at risk... One day, Miroku receives a packet of tissues with the following advertisement insert. "We are seeking for people who are craving for the ultimate excitement. Access to:" Miroku soon finds out that it is game website running under a membership system. Candidates who passed the screening test could only enroll in a game that offered prize money to the winner. Miroku, a game lover, challenges it and soon receives a notification that he had become a successful applicant. However, he did not yet know that this was only a beginning of the game that would set his life in danger.

25.03 / 17:00 - big hall

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