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Canada 2006 / 81 min

: Damon Vignale, Op/Dop: Larry Lynn, Muusika/Music: Daryl Bennett, Mont/Ed: Daryl Bennett, Damon Vignale, Os/Cast: Sarah-Jane Redmond, Michael Eklund, Ron Sauvé, Jerry Wasserman, Tootja/Prod: Jove Pictures/Sleeping Giant Entertainment (Andrew Hamilton, Damon Vignale), Maailma müük/World Sales: Horizon Motion Pictures, Format: 35mm, Keel/Language: inglise / English, Subt: eesti / Estonian

In the early 1600’s, renowned exorcist Father Sebastien Michaelis wrote about a possessed nun, Sister Madeleine, in Aix-en-Provence, France. The demon possessing Madeleine revealed itself as a fallen angel, a punisher of sinners and tempter of the innocent.
Four hundred years later, Ryan James, a street-savvy drug dealer, has escaped from the hands of his kidnappers. Desperate and shaken, he seeks help from the police. Jen Porhowski, a strong-willed and dedicated detective, skeptically tries to separate fact from fiction in Ryan’s account of the night’s horrifying events.

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24.03 / 15:00 – big hall

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