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France 2006, 95 min

: Christina Chapiron, Kim Chapiron, Op/DoP: Alex Lamarque, Muusika/Music: Nguyn L, Mont/Ed: Benjamin Weill, Os/Cast: Vincent Cassel, Roxane Mesquida, Oliver Barthelemy, Tootja/Prod: 120 FILM (Kim Chapiron, Eric Nev), Maailma mk/World Sales: Wild Bunch, Format: 35mm, Keel/Language: prantsuse / French, Subt: inglise, eesti / English, Estonian

Fuelled by pussy, booze, drugs and hip hop, Bart, Ladj and Thai get kicked out of a Paris nightclub on Christmas Eve. The three friends meet up with two young ladies, Eve and Yasmine, who invite them to Eves parents countryside home. After a wild drive, they arrive at a pastoral manor complete with stag heads mounted on cracked plaster walls. The house is also the workshop of Eves father, a dollmaker, whose creations - as well as a chaotic mess of limbs, faces and lifeless eyes - clutter the corners. Eves folks are nowhere to be seen, but the visitors are heartily welcomed by the maniacally grinning groundskeeper, Joseph (a near-unrecognizable Vincent Cassel).

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