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New British horror 


Great Britain 2006, 90 min

: Adam Mason, Simon Boyes,
Op/DoP: Erik Wilson, Muusika/Music: Gavin Miller, Mortiis, Emma Holland, Mont/Ed: Adam Mason, Simon Boyes, Os/Cast: Nadja Brand, Eric Colvin, Abbey Stirling, Tootja/Prod: A Brand Mason production (Adam Mason, Nadja Brand Mason), Maailma müük/World Sales: Renegade Worldwide, LLC, Format: Beta SP, Keel/Language: inglise / English, Subt: eesti / Estonian

Hope and her young daughter are abducted and brought to a remote forest by a mysterious and nameless man. As Hope is forced to undergo a series of humiliating, violent, and degrading trials, she fights desperately to escape and discover the fate of her missing daughter. Will Hope escape the clutches of evil or will be she be broken. BROKEN is an intense and violent horror with an opening sequence which is not easily forgotten and in no way should be seen by the squeamish. Bleak and tortorous this debut feature is a must for all horror fans.

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21.03 / 22:00 - Tallinn Cinema House
24.03 / 21:00 – big hall / Haapsalu -
Film's leading actress and producer Nadya Brand-Mason (UK) is present at the screening.

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