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The Estonian Media Artists Union presents a special programme

"Seletavad asjaolud"- "Explicating Circumstances"

There is nothing more horrifying than the simple everyday things around us. In these works, the eyes of the artists are turned toward the absurdity of everyday life, strange interpersonal relations, and ethnic traditions with a grisly ring to them.
Such are the themes dealt with by a programme of short videos put together by the Estonian Media Artists Union, screened on each day of the festival at the Haapsalu Cultural Centre in parallel to the main HOFF programme. Certainly more than a just a handful of artists have been inspired by surrealistic visions and themes from horror films. Little references to the fact that even the simplest things around us may not be so obvious, help to relieve the grey monotony of everyday life.

1. Hello, I’m Listening / Hille Karm, 7 min
The artist narrates a story about relations between the sexes with several possible meanings. In this story, the man is the intruder, the consumer.

2. Doomsday for the Errant Tourist / Liina Vedler, 6 min
A lost tourist meets a sad end. Narrated by the artist.

3. Fear Seeker / Õnne Luha, 10 min
A 10-minute contemporary interpretation of a fairy tale. The teller of the fairy tale and other members of the cast were found at an assisted living facility in Iru.
The main character is played by the late (much too early) Vello Sõukand.

4. Phosphorescent Man /Raul Viitung and Andrus Kaurson, 2 min
Juhan Viiding’s spooky poem "Fosformees" is the basis for a curious short film made by two photographers. The producers of the film use typical silent film techniques to tell the story, still photos are put together into an enjoyable tale with no lack of horror and the surreal.

5. Washing Day / Eva Sepping
A slice of real life, the short story "Pesupäev" tells of the difficulties (if not to say insurmountable obstacles) faced by residents of a dormitory in getting their clothes washed. The video story conveys the tension and competition inherent in everyday life, and also the humour.

6. My_Best_Friend /Piibe Piirma, Nils Piirma animation, 4 min
A story from a workshop where little things lead to strange developments.

7. Welcome to Tallinn / Riin Kranna-Rõõs, Sven Kristjansen
A media artist’s nightmare. For half a year, two media artists plan to film the seaside city of Tallinn in a touristy, attractive style. Earning money being one consideration. Finally, all the arrangements have been made… but on the day of the shoot, Tallinn is greyer than grey. But enough footage gets shot in the main tourist drags, and the nightmare is shaped into a movie.

8. Tiitrid / Piibe Piirma, 2 min
This short video is in essence a meditative, crowded street scene, where a closer inspection reveals some odd characters. The theme of this video is exceptions to the rule. It is informed by the language of the surveillance society and the fact that information can be used for very arbitrary objectives indeed.

The films can be seen Fri-Sun from 15:00 until the beginning of evening screenings in the small hall of Haapsalu Cultural Centre.

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