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††††††††††††††BRING US YOUR EYES!

A horribly fantastic HOFF!

HOFF has risen again! Though not from a dampy tomb, ghastly castle-ruins nor from a laboratory of mad scientist, but as a creation of horror enduring film freaks during the dark nights of Haapsalu and Tallinn.

It is a pleasure to confess that HOFF which was born as a pilot project is continuing its first, but firm steps towards a fantastical future. A frightening tomorrow goes often hand in hand with the fantasy world and futuristic visions of future find their way into the silvery cinema screen in an ever increasing amount. Therefore the intent of HOFF 2007 to introduce also fantasy and sci-fi films is now reflected in the name of the event - 2nd Haapsalu Horror and Fantasy Film Festival.

This year HOFF that has wrapped itself into the nights of early spring provides high voltage experience for a variety of audiences. Oscar-winning and magical "Panís Labyrinth" which opens the festival, a special focus and lectures on new British horror, cult animation, disintegrating DIY youth flick "Threat" are just a few drops from the edgy programme screened in Haapsalu Cultural Center.

And naturally, we wonít forget the audience with the strongest wits and guts, as the freak film hall will trial the viewers with Japanese zombies and deluded German morgue workers.

The spell of horror film is broken by a lamp switch on the wall or a strong handshake from the person on the next seat, but the horror in life can be only extinguished by true goodness.

The sceleton of the Cinema Wolf has been resurrected from the vaults of the wax musem by Haapsalu municipality, Haapsalu Culture Center and British Council - HOFF thanks you from the bottom of its heart!

Have a horribly fantastic HOFF!

Sten Saluveer
Festival Manager

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