23 November - 10 December 2006

Latest entry date: November 6th, 2006

All information submitted is confidential and is used exclusively for accreditation and visa application purposes if necessary.
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Please send your recent photo for the accreditation card to guest@poff.ee

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Citizens from countries belonging to European Union (EU) are not required to present a visa when entering Estonian Republic. Although, citizens of some other countries are also not required to present a visa please check your eligibility for visa free stay by clicking the following link:

"Who does not need a visa to visit Estonia" (Estonian Foreign Ministry).

If you do need a visa it is compulsory to fill in the information below.All costs related to visa processing are payable by the guest.

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* Please e-mail a scanned copy of the picture page of your passport to guest@poff.ee


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* You are welcome to use the festival hotels with a special discount for BNFF guests.
You can get all the information about hotels in Tallinn from our website.

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- A personal PRESS accreditation card will be issued to the applicant, forwarding the badge to third persons is prohibited.

- Accreditation fee of 35 EUR should be paid in cash upon receiving the accreditation card. The cardwill be issued during the press conferences before the festival and from Festival Info Center.

- Accreditation includes Festival catalogues.

- PRESS accreditation card allows entrance to all Festival press conferences.

- PRESS accreditation card allows entrance to all regular screenings of Animated Dreams animation Festival , Sleepwalkers' student film festival and Just Film childrens and youth film festival depending on the availability of free seats.

- PRESS accreditation card allows the usage of festival videotheque. Advance registration required.

- PRESS accreditation card allows the entrance to all press screenings in appointed venues. Free tickets to these screenings may be received at Festival Info from 10:00 on the day of screening. Information about the press screenings is available at the Festival Info.

- PRESS accreditation card is valid for regular screenings in appointed festival venues depending on the availability of free seats. PRESS tickets for regular screenings will be issued 30 minutes before the screening. The availability of seats can be checked from Festival Info.

- PRESS ticket is valid only with the PRESS accreditation card . Misuse of the car will result in confiscating card and invalidating the accreditation.

- Owner of the PRESS accreditation card is obliged to follow the general rules of the Festival and of the screening venues.