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Filmitalia S.p.a. is the Cinecittā Holding group company created to promote Italian cinema abroad and increase the distribution of Italian films on the International market.
Functioning under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture-Direction Cinema, Filmitalia plays a leading role in the promotion of Italian audiovisual production.
Drawing on its own strategic and specialist expertise in the field of marketing and communications, Filmitalia aims to develop tools and gather resources to interact with key targets, and increase the significance of the Italian film and audiovisual industry in both the national and international markets. In order to achieve these objectives, Filmitalia has identified a series of key steps to be implemented over time in order to encourage foreign sales of Italian film products.
Filmitalia’s activities include collaborationg with all of the major international film festivals like Cannes, Berlin, Venice, Toronto, Shanghai, Locarno, New York and London, (although the actual number of international festivals in which Filmitalia is actively involved are over a hundred ), organizing the national Italian film selections, the presence of Italian artists whose films have been chosen to participate in the various festivals.
Filmitalia is also responsible providing its own expository and promotional space within all the major international film markets, designed to provide support to the distributors and other Italian film industry professionals in attendance, so as to increase and maintain the industry’s visibility and distribution abroad.
Filmitalia runs a bilingual database on Italian film productions starting from the year 2000 which can be viewed on our website: www.filmitalia.org), an indispensable tool for Italian and foreign sector operators.

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