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You are most welcome to my 10th birthday party!

Arrive soon and check out what’s going on in Tallinn’s cinema Sõprus, the Puppet Theatre, Cinema House and Von Krahl Theatre starting from 23 November. My little but all so eager friends Animated Dreams, Just Film and Sleepwalkers will get right on partying then.

There will be guests from near and far. The first ones arriving already on 22 November are from Shetland with diplomatic notes, bringing along both energetic music and old moving images. Shortly thereafter Irish filmmaker Neil Jordan calls in, he can be met in the cinema as well as in a bookshop. Finnish director Aku Louhimies has promised to give classes in Sleepwalkers film school, his works are screened too. From the various corners of Europe a group of Shooting Stars fly in, each having a film to present. Yet other visitors are awaited, so keep yourself posted and step into the cinema halls to inquire straight from the filmmakers themselves all how’s and why’s you like.

Everyone should find something from the birthday table, here’s spices from every corner, different tastes from Italy,  savors from the Orient, tremendous tales of wars, smashing culture candies, peeking behind the closed borders, curious car drives, and looking through European culture gates. To say nothing of the colourful mix of EurAsia and the competition of local goods, of course.

Music can be found when listening to Legrand and stopping by Von Krahl’s during Sleepwalkers, the fine arts are present in the Puppet Theatre’s film puppets’ exhibition and some cool graffiti in the Cinema House.

Thus it arrives, my tenth year. The fiesta spreads to here and there, bringing goodies also to Tartu, Viljandi, Narva, Jõhvi and Kärdla.

Come and see for yourself!


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