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Today at BNFF
Saturday, 2 December

12:00 - 13:30 Sõprus
Sleepwalkers Film School, Open Lecture - Amnon Buchbinder

16:00  Kumu auditoorium 
GAS - Q&A with Luciano Melchionna (director)

16:00  Sõprus  
WHOLE NEW THING - Q&A with Amnon Buchbinder (director)

17:00  Von Krahli Teater  
RUNNING ON EMPTY - Q&A with Verona Meier (producer)

18:00  Kumu auditoorium  
MOUTH TO MOUTH - Q&A with Magnus Krepper (actor)

18:00  Kinomaja  
TRIPLE DARE - Q&A with Cyron Melville (actor)

18:00  Nukuteater  - JUST FILMi lõpufilm ja võitjate väljakuulutamine
ALL THE INVISIBLE CHILDREN - Stefano Veneruso (director/producer), Raffaele Veneruso (co-producer)

20:00  Kinomaja - Closing of JUST FILM
WHOLETRAIN - Q&A with Florian Gaag (director)

20:00  Vene Teater  
MAN EXPOSED - Q&A with Aku Louhimies (director)

22:00  Kumu auditoorium  
LUNACY -  Q&A with Pavel Liška (actor)

Extra screening
22:00  Kinomaja 
BREAKFAST ON PLUTO - Q&A with Neil Jordan (director) 

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