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Estonian comics art exhibition in Sõprus

Narration in Pictures.
Estonian graphic short stories/poems from the beginning of ’00s.

Opening on the 23rd of November,19.00 pm
at the Animation Film Festival "Animated Dreams”
in cinema Sõprus (Vana-Posti 8, Tallinn)

This is a ‘travelling exhibition’ that gives an updated overview of the most recent achievements of Estonian authors in the field of graphic narration / comics. It is a well-hidden fact that there are artists in Estonia who prefer to express themselves using this particular medium – pictorial narration. Let us call these art works pretentiously auteur comics. A tip for those who are more interested: look for a compilation “Narration in Pictures. Estonian Alternative Comics from the ´00s” from bookstores.

This (micro)world is certainly quite far away from supermans-mickeymouses etc or feeble newspaper strips. No, these original pieces can be recognized only by their reluctance to ‘fit into frames’!

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival’s sub-festival “Animated Dreams” provides ‘a third coming’ for this exhibition on the 23.11.–26.11.2006.

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