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Tribute - Neil Jordan 

When the average cinema buff thinks of Irish film, two names come to mind right away: Jim Sheridan and Neil Jordan. Of the films directed by these two countrymen and contemporaries, a number have reached Estonian screens, but both men undoubtedly merit major attention as filmmakers whose works are beloved by both critics and ordinary cinema audiences. This year, Black Nights offers an opportunity to make a closer acquaintance with the younger but more prolific of them.

Born in 1950, Neil Jordan was originally a prose writer, and alongside filmmaking, he continues to be active in this field to this day. Indeed, this Jordan tribute was inspired by the publication of Krista Kaer’s translation of his fourth novel, “Shade” (2004). Jordan came to cinema relatively late, making his debut in 1982. By now he has already directed 15 full-length feature films, of which the BNFF audiences will see one-third.

Many characters in Jordan’s films are characterized by a deviation from “normal” sexual orientations. This year’s Black Nights special programme gives a sense of this particular aspect: in “The Crying Game” (1992), the protagonist falls in love with a woman trapped in a man’s body, “Interview with the Vampire” veritably teems with homoerotic tension, and the hero of “Breakfast on Pluto”, born as a man, demands that people call him Patricia, not Patrick. Jordan has been asked the reason for this preoccupation and says that he is impressed by people who are so into the role they are playing that they actually get closer to their own true nature. For the same reason, he has a sincere love for work with actors who are prepared to play characters who are different from themselves to an extreme, without any fear that this could in some way damage their personality.

One such actor is undoubtedly Jordan’s longstanding favourite Stephen Rea. The creative collaboration between the two men started in Jordan’s first feature film, the 1982 crime drama “Angel” aka “Danny Boy”. Rea is also in a supporting role in Jordan’s latest, “Breakfast on Pluto”. The adaptation of his fellow Irishman Pat McCabe’s novel is a worthy next chapter to the first joint work between the director and writer, “The Butcher Boy”. McCabe served as co-screenwriter for both films, and though film cannot manage to convey the full extent of his novels’ lush language of the grotesque, the fantastic imagery of the cinematography makes up for it, along with the soundtrack, which is organically tied to what is happening onscreen.

The following Neil Jordan’s films will be screened:

24 November 20:00, Russian Theatre 

24 November 22:15, Russian Theatre

25 November 16:00, Russian Theatre  
2 December 22:00, Kinomaja (meeting with director Neil Jordan) 
5  December 17:00, Sõprus (meeting with actress Ruth Negga, Shooting Star 2006)
10 December 16:30, Kosmos I

25 November 20:00, Russian Theatre
25 November 22:15, Russian Theatre

Filmography of Neil Jordan

Angel (1982)
The Company of Wolves (1984)
Mona Lisa (1986)
High Spirit (1988)
We’re No Angels (1988)
The Miracle (1991)
The Crying Game (1992)
Interview with the Vampire (1994)
Michael Collins (1996)
The Butcher Boy (1997, BNFF 1999)
The End of the Affair (1999)
The Good Thief (2002, BNFF 2003)
Breakfast on Pluto (2005)

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