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Meetings at the Cinema

The festival guests-filmmakers are present at the screenings, introducing their film in the beginning and/or holding a Q&A afterwards. Use the chance to enquire everything you’d like from the filmmakers themselves.
For the schedule of screenings with guests see the list below.
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Friday, 24 November
20:00  Animated Dreams GEORGES SCHWIZGEBEL’S RETROSPECTIVE - Georges Schwizgebel (director)

Saturday, 25 November

Tuesday, 28 November
20:00  Kinomaja  YOUNG, DUMB AND FULL OF LOVE - Peter Fancsikai (actor)

Thursday, 30 November
20:00  Kinomaja  BEAUTY AND THE BASTARD - Samuli Vauramo (actor)

Friday, 1 December
19:00  Vene Teater  THE SINGING REVOLUTION - James Tusty & Maureen Castle Tusty (directors)
19:00  Kosmos II BON COP, BAD COP - Erik Canuel (director)
20:00  Nukuteater  TRIPLE DARE - Cyron Melville (actor)

Saturday, 2 December
16:00  Kumu auditoorium  GAS - Luciano Melchionna (director)
16:00  Sõprus  WHOLE NEW THING - Amnon Buchbinder (director)
17:00  Von Krahli Teater  RUNNING ON EMPTY - Verona Meier (producer)
18:00  Kumu auditoorium  MOUTH TO MOUTH - Magnus Krepper (actor)
18:00  Kinomaja  TRIPLE DARE - Cyron Melville (actor)
18:00  Nukuteater  ALL THE INVISIBLE CHILDREN - Stefano Veneruso (director/producer), Raffaele Veneruso (co-producer)
20:00  Kinomaja  WHOLETRAIN - Florian Gaag (director)
20:00  Vene Teater  MAN EXPOSED - Aku Louhimies (director)
22:00  Kumu auditoorium  LUNACYPavel Liška (actor)
22:00  Kinomaja  BREAKFAST ON PLUTO - Neil Jordan (director) 

Sunday, 3 December
13:00  Jõhvi cinema Amadeus  ALL THE INVISIBLE CHILDREN - Stefano Veneruso (director/producer), Raffaele Veneruso (co-producer)
17:30  Teater NO99  WHOLE NEW THING - Amnon Buchbinder (director)
19:00  Narva kultuurikeskus Rugodiv  ALL THE INVISIBLE CHILDREN - Stefano Veneruso (director/producer), Raffaelo Veneruso (co-producer)
20:00  Kumu auditoorium  SOMETHING LIKE HAPPINESSPavel Liška (actor)
22:30  Sõprus  BON COP, BAD COP - Erik Canuel (director)

Monday, 4 December
15:00  Sõprus  BEAUTY AND THE BASTARD - Dome Karukoski (director)
17:00  Kosmos II  THE BET COLLECTOR - Jeffrey Jeturian (director)
18:00  Vene Teater  YOU I AM - Kristijonas Vildziunas (director), Uljana Kim (producer)
18:30  Sõprus  FREE JIMMY - Christopher Nielsen (director)
20:00  Kumu auditoorium  FRESH AIR - Andrea Roberti (co-director)
21:30  Teater NO99  SNOW WHITE - Carlos Leal (actor)
22:00  Kinomaja  ALICE - Nuno Lopes (actor)

Tuesday, 5 December

15:00  Teater NO99  FRESH AIR - Andrea Roberti (co-director)
16:00  Vene Kultuurikeskus  LJUBLJANA THE BELOVED - Iva Krajnc (actor)
17:00  Sõprus  BREAKFAST ON PLUTO - Ruth Negga (actor)
18:00  Kumu auditoorium  ALICE - Nuno Lopes (actor)
18:30  Vene Kultuurikeskus  THE DREAM - Sergei Snežkin (director)
19:00  Kosmos II  ELEVEN MEN OUT - Björn Hlynur Haraldsson (actor)
20:00  Kumu auditoorium  THE COLLECTOR - Feliks Falk (director)
22:00  Kumu auditoorium  YOU I AM - Kristijonas Vildziunas (director), Uljana Kim (producer)

Wednesday, 6 December
16:00  Kinomaja THE LAST PHANTOMS - Marianna Kaat (director)
17:30  Kinomaja THE BLUE HILLS - Raimo Jõerand (director)
18:00  Vene Kultuurikeskus  PAVLOV’S DOG - Katja Šagalova (director)
19:00  Kinomaja  PINGPONG - Meike Hauck (scriptwriter)
20:00  Kosmos II  STOP MOM TERESA! - Gabriella Hamori (actor)
21:00  Kinomaja  HOSTAGE - Laila Pakalnina (director)
21:30  Teater NO99  ELEVEN MEN OUT - Björn Hlynur Haraldsson (actor)
22:00  Vene Kultuurikeskus  THE COLLECTOR - Feliks Falk (director)
22:00  Kumu auditoorium  LJUBLJANA THE BELOVED - Iva Krajnc (actor)
22:30  Kosmos II  SNOW WHITE - Carlos Leal (actor)
23:00  Sõprus  WHOLETRAIN - Florian Gaag (director)

Thursday, 7 December
16:00  Vene Teater  PINGPONG - Meike Hauck (scriptwriter)
17:00  Kosmos II  PAVLOV’S DOG - Katja Šagalova (director)
19:00  Von Krahli Teater YOU WILL VOTE FOR ME! - Yuri Khashchevatsky (director)
21:30 Kinomaja FED UP! - Peeter Simm (director)

Friday, 8 December
16:00 Kinomaja  RUUDI - Katrin Laur (director)
19:15 Von Krahli Teater TESTING THE LIBERTY - Mircea Chistruga, Mihai Poiatãi (directors)
20:00  Vene Teater  SONS - Erik Richter Strand (director)

Saturday, 9 December
16:00  Kumu auditoorium  THE BET COLLECTOR - Jeffrey Jeturian (director)
18:00  Kumu auditoorium  MR AVERAGE - Pierre-Paul Renders (director)
18:30  Sõprus  SONS - Erik Richter Strand (director)
19:00  Von Krahli Teater  BRINGING DOWN A DICTATOR - commented by journalist and Balkan expert Krister Paris
19:00  Vene Teater  LIGHTS IN THE DUSK - Maria Järvenhelmi (actor)
22:30  Sõprus  ISOLATED - Eric Francés Reig (actor)

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