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BNFF and Jazzkaar present

Listening to - and watching - Legrand

7 December at 7pm, Pärnu - Endla Theatre
8 December at 7pm, Tallinn - Russian Cultural Centre
9 December at 7pm, Jõhvi - Jõhvi Concert Hall
With a chime-like voice, Helin-Mari Arder imbues the songs of the French legend with a surfeit of aesthetic sensibility, backed by the Siim Aimla ensemble.
Arder: “For me, Michel Legrand is undoubtedly one of the greatest melodic artists. His songs are captivating with their simultaneous playful lightness and obscure depth, joy and sadness, vivacity and melancholy. Plus his songs always have something really personal that goes straight to the heart.
We’ve added new colours and rhythms to Legrand’s melodic balladry, while trying to preserve the original mood of the songs. ‘Listening to Legrand’ features songs that have already been released on the record of the same name, as well as others that we haven’t yet recorded.”
Helin-Mari was first drawn to French chanson and Portuguese language bossa nova through her studies of French language and literature at the University of Tartu. But she is also a firm believer that Estonian is a lovely language and speaks to the hearts of Estonians.
The musicians accompanying her are good friends and kindred spirits, a fact best revealed by the music.

Helin-Mari Arder – vocals
Siim Aimla – saxophone
Teet Raik – flugelhorn, guitar
Hele-Riin Uib – vibraphone, percussion
Mihkel Mälgand – string bass
Ahto Abner – drums

Jazzkaar tickets are on sale at Piletimaailm and Piletilevi outlets as well as online: and

Info and reservations 6 11 44 05 and

After each concert, the film "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg" (Les Parapluies de Cherbourg, 1964), which features the music of Legrand, will be screened.

Tickets on sale at the door.

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