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Festival Cooperation

– The Alliance of Central and Eastern European Film Festivals

CentEast is a network of key film festivals of feature films in Central and Eastern Europe, which includes one festival per country.

The purpose of CentEast is promoting European cinema, with special attention paid to the cinema from Central and Eastern Europe, helping films from the region to find a place on the international market, and encouraging the collaboration between the member festivals.

CentEast was initiated by the Warsaw International Film Festival in the autumn of 2001, and was officially founded at the Cottbus Film Festival on November 7th, 2003.

For all issues related to CentEast please contact its Coordinators:
Stefan Laudyn, Warsaw International Film Festival –
Roland Rust, FilmFestival Cottbus –  

Below is the list of members:

Austria - Linz
Crossing Europe - Film Festival Linz
Graben 30, 4020 Linz, Austria
tel: (+43-70) 785700
fax: (+43-70) 785700-40
contact: Christine Dollhofer
dates: April 25 - 30, 2006
entry deadline: February 25, 2006
prizes/cash: Crossing Europe Award – European Competition: Best first/second Feature Film (10,000 euro), Crossing Europe Award – Local Artist (6,000 euro)
The annual European festival is to give various perspectives on contemporary European cinematographies. The programme focuses on innovative European films, which reflect current political and social realities of Europe’s changing societies, and will offer new perspectives on a young, innovative and multifaceted European cinema.
Sections: European Competition and Panorama, Tributes and Specials and a focus on local productions.

Bosnia-Herzegovina - Sarajevo
Sarajevo Film Festival
Hamdije Kresevljakovica 13, 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
tel: (387-33) 209 411
fax: (387-22) 221 516
contact: Mirsad Purivatra, Festival Director
dates: August 18-26, 2006
entry deadline: July 1
prizes/cash: Competition Program: Best Film Award (25,000 euro), Special Jury Award (10,000 euro), Best Actress Award (2,500 euro) and Best Actor Award (2,500 euro); The Competition Program, Short Film Category: Best Short Film Award (3,000 euro), Special Jury Mention (1,000 euro) and Special Jury Mention (1,000 euro); Prix UIP (EFA Nomination) - granted to the best short film from New Currents – Short Program and Competition Program – Short Film Section; the UIP award is 2,000 EUR and the film cited will be nominated to the short film category of the European Film Academy Awards in December 2006.
The Sarajevo Film Festival aims to promote the newest and most important achievements in world cinematography to the region and offer a full insight into regional film production to the world. Its Competition Programme (Feature and Short film categories) focuses solely on the region and is currently open to 11 countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia and Montenegro, Greece and Turkey. SFF also supports film production in the region though its CineLink Co-Production Market and aims to further develop contacts between regional and international authors and directors. Sarajevo Film Festival’s goal is to create a meeting place for regional film professionals and a platform for development of joint projects and their presentation on the wider European and world film scene.

Bulgaria - Sofia
Sofia International Film Festival (local name: Sofia Film Fest)
1 Bulgaria Sq., Sofia 1463, Bulgaria
tel: (359-2) 9166 029, 952 64 67, 851 93 51
fax: (359-2) 9166 714
contact: Stefan Kitanov - director
dates: March 9-19, 2006
entry deadline: December 20
prizes/cash: Grand Prix (5,000 euro), best Bulgarian feature film, Jameson Short Film Award for best Bulgarian short, FIPRESCI Award, Audience Award.
Annual festival introducing the local audience to major films from the festival circuit and presenting new Bulgarian and Balkan films to international audiences. International competition of first and second feature films. Special event Sofia Meetings, with Second Films Pitching and Balkan Screenings.

Estonia - Tallinn
Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival
Gonsiori 21, 10147 Tallinn, Estonia
tel: (372) 631 46 40
fax: (372) 631 46 44
contact: Tiina Lokk - festival director
dates: November 23 - December 10, 2006
entry deadline: September 15
prizes/cash: Grand Prix for Best Film (10.000 euro), Audience Award (best feature), Critics Award (best feature), jury awards (best films of animation and student film festivals)
An annual international film festival presenting the best in world cinema. Main programme with international competition of Eurasian films, children and youth film festival "Just Film", animation film festival "Animated Dreams", Sleepwalkers Student Film Festival. Industry screenings and co-production market in "Baltic Event".

Germany - Cottbus
FilmFestival Cottbus - Festival of East European Cinema
W.- Seelenbinder-Ring 44/45, D-03048 Cottbus, Germany
tel: (49-355) 43 107-0
fax: (49-355) 43 107-20
contact: Roland Rust - director
dates: November 14 - 18, 2006
entry deadline: August 1
prizes/cash: Main Prize for best movie (12,000 euro), Special Prize for best direction (5,000 euro), Special Prize for an outstanding artistic contribution (4,000 euro), Main Prize for the best short film (1,500 euro), Special Prize for the best short film (1,000 euro), FIPRESCI
Prize, Prize of the Ecumenical Jury, Don Quijote Prize, Promotion Prize of the DEFA Foundation (4,000 euro), Audience Award (3,000 euro), DIALOGUE-Prize for intercultural communication (2.000 euro), Debut Film Award of the Cottbus’ student jury (500 euro)
The oldest and the only international film festival dedicated entirely to Eastern European feature films with an annual overview of recent film production from all post-socialist territories.

Italy - Trieste
Alpe Adria Cinema - Trieste Film Festival
via Donota 1, I-34121 Trieste, Italy
new phone: (39-040) 3476076
new fax: (39-040) 662 338
contact: Annamaria Percavassi - festival director
dates: January 18-25, 2007
entry deadline: October 31
prizes/cash: Trieste Award: Best Feature Film (5,000 euro), Mediterranean Laboratory Award: Best Short Film (2,000 euro), Planet - Alpe Adria Cinema Award: Best Documentary Film (2,500 euro)
Since its foundation in 1989 Alpe Adria Cinema - Trieste Film Festival has been the leading festival of Central and Eastern European Cinema in Italy. This is a unique annual appointment with an overview of the best films, special events and monographic reviews: more than 130 titles every year coming from at least 20 different countries. The Festival is based in Trieste, a privileged observatory and a strategic crossroads where East meets West, and where Central Europe meets with Mediterranean culture.

Latvia - Riga
Riga International Film Forum "Arsenals"
Marstalu 14, LV- 1050, Riga, Latvia
tel: (371-7) 221 620
fax: (371-7) 820 445
contact: Augusts Sukuts - festival director
dates: September 16 - 24, 2006 (every two years)
entry deadline: June 15, 2006
prizes / cash: International Competition $10,000
Baltic film competition: a) Best Baltic feature, b) documentary, c) animation. IFF "Arsenals" is a festival of unconventional approaches, selecting films dealing with vivid and original cinematic language, actuality and meaningfulness of dialogue. IFF "Arsenals" is the only festival that presents the Baltic Film Competition Screening with the latest film releases from the Baltic countries - Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia.

Lithuania - Vilnius
Vilnius Spring
Nemencines pl. 4, Vilnius 10102, Lithuania
tel: (370-5) 276 4218
fax: (370-5) 276 4254
contact: Dr Grazina Arlickaite - artistic director
dates: March 24 – April 1, 2006
entry deadline: November 15
prizes/cash: non-competitive
An annual festival of European films.

Macedonia - Skopje
International Skopje Film Festival
Orce Nikolov 71, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia
tel: (389-2) 125 495
fax: (389-2) 125 496
contact: Dejan Pavlovic - director
dates: March 11 - 20, 2005
entry deadline: January 31
prizes/cash: non-competitive
Annual event with aims to promote the artistry of filmmaking, the inventive, visually stunning, controversial new films.

Poland - Warsaw
Warsaw International Film Festival
P.O. Box 816, PL-00-950 Warsaw 1, Poland
tel: (48-22) 621 4647
fax: (48-22) 621 6268
contact: Stefan Laudyn - director
dates: October 6-15, 2006
entry deadline: June 15
prizes/cash: "New Films New Directors" international competition of first and second feature films - Grand Prix NESCAFÉ (5,000 euro), Best Script; FIPRESCI Prize (for best European first feature), Audience Award (no cash) for best film
Recognised by FIAPF. Annual presentation of the cream of European and world cinema. New Films New Directors International Competition of first and second features. CentEast Market Warszawa (12-15.10.2005), specialising in films from Central and Eastern Europe.

Romania - Cluj
Transilvania International Film Festival
St. Popa Soare Nr. 52 Et. 1 Ap. 4 Bucharest, Sector 2, Romania
tel/fax: (40-21) 326 02 68 / (40-21) 326 64 80
contact: Mihai Chirilov - festival director
dates: June 2-11, 2006
entry deadline: March 15
prizes/cash: Transilvania Trophy for Best Film, Best Director, Best Acting, Best Cinematography, FIPRESCI Award, Viewers’ Choice
International Competition for first and second feature films, panorama of 2005 international cinema, Romanian films, retrospectives/tributes, a special section dedicated for horror/ fantasy films, documentaries and shorts.

Russia - Moscow
Moscow International Film Festival
Khokhlovsky per. 10/1, Moscow, 109028 Russia
tel: (7-095) 917 2486
fax: (7-095) 916 0107
contact: Alexander Kotelevsky - festival director, Kirill Razlogov - programme director
dates: June 17-26, 2006
entry deadline: May 1
prizes: statuettes of Saint George (no cash): The Main prize for the Best Film, Special Jury Prize, Best Director, Best Actor
Non-specialised competitive festival recognised by FIAPF (A category) with international competition of feature films.

Serbia and Montenegro - Belgrade
Belgrade International Film Festival, FEST
Majke Jevrosime 20a, 11000 Belgrade, Yugoslavia
tel/fax: (381-11) 334 69 46, 334 68 37 , ifilm@eunet.yu (Miroljub Vuckovic)
contact: Dragan Marinkovic - FEST office director, Miroljub Vuckovic - programme director
dates: February 23 - March 4, 2007
entry deadline: December 15
prizes/cash: audience award (no cash)
A festival of festivals, which tries to find balance between films made by recognised filmmakers and new currents, values and movements in cinema.
Starting from 2006, FEST Industry Meeting B2B will be organized during the last weekend of the Festival (March 3-5, 2006), as a initiative for authors, producers, broadcasting representatives, as well as distributors and sales agents who work in a field of international co-productions.

Slovakia - Bratislava
International Film Festival Bratislava
Fialkove udolie 5, 811 01 Bratislava, Slovak Republic
tel: (421-7) 54 41 06 73
fax: (421-7) 54 41 06 74
contacts: Peter Nagel – programme director, Radovan Holub
dates: December 1 - 9, 2006
entry deadline: September 15
prizes/cash: Grand Prix for Best Film (10,000 euro), Special Prize for Best Director (3,000 euro), Best Actress and Best Actor (1,000 euro)
International competition of first and second feature films; other sections include European Film, Off the Mainstream, Profile of Filmmaker.

Slovenia - Ljubljana
Ljubljana International Film Festival
Cankarjev Dom, Presernova 10, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
tel: (386-1) 241 7150, 241 7147
fax: (386-1) 241 7298
contact: Jelka Stergel – festival director
dates: November 10 - 24, 2005
entry deadline: September 15
prizes/cash: Kingfisher Award (5,000 euro) for best new director
Competitive festival of new directors’ films and overview on world’s cinematography.

Ukraine - Kyiv
Kyiv International Film Festival Molodist
6 Saksagansky St., suite 115, 01033, Kyiv, Ukraine
tel/fax: (380-44) 227 4557
tel: (380-44) 461 9803
contact: Andriy Khalpakhchi – general director, Mila Novikova – program director
Dates: October 22 - 30, 2005
Entry deadline: July 1
Prizes/cash: Competition: Grand Prix: the statuette "The Scythian Deer" (10.000 USD), Best Feature Film (a monetary award or material prize of 2.500 USD), Best Short Film (monetary award or material prize of 2.500 USD), Best Student Film (monetary award or material prize of 2.500 USD),
Best Young Actor (1 000 EUR); Audience Prize (2.500 USD)
The festival competition is dedicated to the first professional full-length (60’ or more), first professional short film (fiction, documentary, fiction – less than 45’); student films (fiction, documentary, fiction – less than 45’), competition section specialized for first film of directors, non-competition section is included: a panorama of Ukrainian cinema: retrospectives of film schools and prominent filmmakers; eastern European panorama; festival of festivals; different love, world of Russian cinema, special events. Recognized by FIAPF.

The initiative is friendly supported by:
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
Panska 1, 110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic
tel: (420-2) 24 23 54 12, 24 23 77 35
fax: (420-2) 24 23 34 08
contact: Eva Zaoralova - artistic director
dates: June 30 - July 8, 2006
entry deadline: April 13
prizes/cash: Features: Grand Prix - A Crystal Globe and $20,000 awarded to the best feature film. Further awards: Special Jury Prize, Best Director Award, Best Actress Award, Best Actor Award. To the documentary films presented in competition, the Documentary Jury awards: Best Documentary Film in the category for films lasting 30 minutes or less, Best Documentary Film in the category for films above 30 minutes in length.
Non-specialised competitive festival recognised by FIAPF (A category) with international competition of feature films, besides which the Festival also includes documentary competition as well as numerous informative sections focusing on the newest world film production, especially films from the former Communist countries.


January 19-26, 2006 - Alpe Adria Cinema - Trieste Film Festival
February 24 - March 5, 2006 - Belgrade International Film Festival, FEST
March 17-24, 2006 - International Skopje Film Festival
March 9-19, 2006 - Sofia International Film Festival
March 24 – April 1, 2006 - Vilnius International Film Festival
April 25-30, 2006 - Crossing Europe - Film Festival Linz
June 2-11, 2006 - Transilvania International Film Festival – Cluj Napoca
end of June, 2006 - Moscow International Film Festival
June 30 – July 8, 2006 - Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
August 18-26, 2006 - Sarajevo Film Festival
September 2006 (every two years) - Riga International Film Forum "Arsenals"
October 6-15, 2006 - Warsaw International Film Festival
October 22-30, 2005 - Kyiv International Film Festival Molodist
November 8-12, 2005 – FilmFestival Cottbus
November 10-24, 2005 - Ljubljana International Film Festival
November 23 - December 10, 2006 - Black Nights Film Festival – Tallinn
December 2-10, 2005 - International Film Festival Bratislava


Alpe Adria Cinema - Trieste Film Festival

Belgrade International Film Festival, FEST

Black Nights Film Festival - Tallinn, Estonia

International Film Festival Bratislava

FilmFestival Cottbus

Crossing Europe - Film Festival Linz

Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

Kyiv International Film Festival Molodist

Ljubljana International Film Festival

Moscow International Film Festival

Sarajevo Film Festival

International Skopje Film Festival

Sofia International Film Festival

Riga International Film Forum "Arsenals"

Transilvania International Film Festival - Cluj Napoca, Romania

Vilnius Spring

Warsaw International Film Festival

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